Intelligent Lumbar Massager


  • Relieves Back Pain: The Intelligent Lumbar Massager provides targeted relief for back pain caused by various conditions such as muscle strain, sciatica, and herniated disc.
  • Multiple Massage Modes: It offers multiple massage modes, including vibration massage, heat therapy, and air compression massage, to cater to different needs and preferences.
  • Adjustable Intensity Levels: It allows the user to adjust the intensity of the massage to provide a comfortable and effective massage experience.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Lumbar Massager is designed to fit the natural curvature of the user’s spine, providing a comfortable and effective massage experience.


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Intelligent Lumbar Massager

Relieve Lumbar Muscle Strain, Care for Your Lower Back Every Day, Say Goodbye to Soreness, Pain, and Numbness

The spinal bone is placed on the massage device.

Reclaim Healthy Spinal Curves

Core Function

6 core functions of the Intelligent Lumbar Massager

Are you still troubled by lower back pain?

Urgently save the lumbar vertebrae!

How is the condition of your lumbar vertebrae? The spine is easily injured in daily life.

the people who is troubled by lower back pain
a man who is suffering the lower back pain

Up and Down

Stretch Your Lumbar Spine

Repetitive motion for stretching and decompression, elevating and stretching the lumbar spine together and apart, instead of maintaining a fixed posture, to achieve relief of lumbar pressure.

massage track of the waist massager

Electrically Controlled Airbags

Overcharge Protection

Through electrically controlled airbags that extend and contract up to 10cm in length, rhythmically stretching the upper and lower lumbar regions, gradually shaping a normal and healthy lumbar muscle curvature.

The comparison image before and after inflation.

Assistive Board

Suitable for Soft and Hard Surfaces

Comes with an assistive board, suitable for use in different scenarios. Using the assistive board in a softer environment effectively increases height and stretching intensity.

Assistive Board of the lumbar massager - Suitable for Soft and Hard Surfaces

Intelligent Warm Sensation Heat Therapy

Heat therapy for stiff lumbar spine, dispelling cold and dampness, relieving lumbar soreness and stiffness, making the lower back feel relaxed and comfortable.

Function - Intelligent Warm Sensation Heat Therapy

Red, Blue, Purple Band Spectra

Using band spectrum energy diffusion, the spectral lights flicker rhythmically after the machine starts, allowing the red light to penetrate deeply into the lumbar region.

band spectra of the lumbar massager

Intelligent Vibrating Massage

Designed with intelligent vibrating massage that varies in frequency to achieve rhythmic vibration massage, relaxing the muscles in the lower back and relieving lumbar pressure.

Intelligent Vibrating Massage

Intelligent Remote Control

Easy Operation

The remote controller includes functions such as auto mode, heating, up and down, vibration, infrared laser, power on/off, making it easy to use, even for the elderly.

Intelligent Remote Control of the lumbar massager

15-Minute Intelligent Timer

Intelligently set for 15 minutes, allowing for lumbar stretching, heat therapy, and vibrating massage while lying in bed, on the sofa, or on the floor, relieving lumbar muscle tension.

top view of the lumbar massager

Three Major Safety Protections

Caring Protection

front view of the lumbar massager
icon of the Temperature protection

Temperature protection, locks temperature at 44°C to prevent further heating

icon of Airbag protection

Airbag protection, automatically stops inflation and beeps for reminder

icon of Automatic reset protection,

Automatic reset protection, automatically resets to the unopened state when power is cut off

Product Details

wrapped with outer flannel for protection the air bag.
outside power connected, safety and stable
high quality power adaptor
Product size of the lumbar massager
Product Name Lumbar Back Massager
Adaptor DC12V-2A
Working Current 300-2000MA

Additional information


American Standard, European Standard, British Standard


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