Heated Knee Massager


  • The multifunctional heated shoulder guard can be used not only to protect the shoulders, but also to protect the knees and elbows.
  • This heated shoulder pad is made of high-quality diving fabric, light and soft, good elasticity, not easy to pilling, comfortable to wear and easy to carry.
  • It can be used for warmth and hot compress treatment, can effectively relieve muscle soreness and cramps, relieve fatigue, promote microcirculation and accelerate the recovery of injured parts.
  • Two-in-one heating and massage, 3-level heating (maximum temperature 75℃) and three vibration modes for you to choose. You can enjoy the three functions at the same time or separately.
  • The heating pad can be wrapped and locked on any leg or arm that needs hot compress, it is not easy to slip off, you no longer need to hold it by hand.
  • Equipped with a digital display controller, touch screen button design, the panel displays the temperature and power, you can use the controller to control the temperature and vibration mode, the operation is simple and convenient.


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fast heating pad infilrate heat into the knee
The knee massager is not suitable for knees, but also for elbows and shoulders.
The knee massager is convenient to carry and use. It can be used for yoga and after exercising. It can be carried while traveling and working.
A rehabilitation therapist helps patients regain mobility using a knee massager
Comparison of Our Knee Massager and Other‘s’ Massagers
Men who are suffering from shoulder, elbow, and knee pain, knee massagers can help you alleviate the pain
the knee massger with controller
size of the knee massager
Soft and durable material

Soft and durable material

Extra straps

Extra straps, one long & one shorter

Velcro extension

Velcro extension to adjust the heating pad fit for body

knee massager can solve knee problem - joint discomort, cold knee, knee Osteoarthritis and sports injury.
The woman is using a knee massager while doing household chores
The girl is lying on the sofa using a knee massager while working on the computer.
the massager is suitable for knes, elbows and shoulders
The girl is working with an elbow massager

2 Extra extension straps

Extra Extension Straps

The shoulder extension strap helps to fix the massager on the shoulder. Shoulder massage relax your shoulders and relieve shoulder fatigue.

Extra Extension Straps on the shoulder

The extension strap helps to adjust the size of the massager to fit more people. The short extension band is suitable for knee massage.

packing list of the knee massager set

Packing List

1* Heated shoulders
1* Extension strap
1* User Manual


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