Full Body Vibration Massager


  • Whole Body Vibration Massage – 160*50cm, PU material, body massager with 10 powerful vibration motors and a built-in heating pad, which can relieve muscle tension and alleviate shoulder, waist, back, and leg pain. 9 modes and 9 intensity levels are adjustable to meet various needs.
  • 30-Node Acupressure Neck Massager – 30 massage nodes rotate bi-directionally to provide acupressure to your cervical spine. Infrared heating gently warms the neck, improving blood circulation. The pillow is detachable and can be used separately to massage any part of the body.
  • Lumbar Traction Decompression Device – The massage pad is equipped with an inflatable lumbar traction device that can lift the body and stretch the lumbar spine to relieve spinal pressure. It has a soft touch and fits the curve of the waist, with enough strength to support up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • Independent Heating for Waist and Neck – The neck and back massager has a built-in heating pad for the waist, and the neck adopts infrared heating, providing soothing warmth for the whole body, further relaxing sore muscles. The heating function can be turned on separately and automatically shuts off when overheated to ensure safety.
  • Foldable for Easy Storage – The full-body heated massager is versatile for use on sofas, beds, floors, and recliners, and can be easily folded for transportation and storage. It’s a great gift for moms, dads, and loved ones to enjoy acupressure and vibration massage anytime.


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Vibration Massage on Wholebody

The massager has 10 vibration motors, 9 modes, full body massage and relieve muscle pain.
a girl lay down on the full body massage mat and enjoying the massager.
Full body massager with controller and airbag massage

Full Body Massage Mat

Relieves both physical and mental stress

full body massager description -2-2

Detachable pillow

Can be used separately for massaging any part of the body.

structure of the full body massager mat

Auto Shut-Off Function

This feature automatically shuts off the massager after a certain period of time. This prevents overuse and ensures customer safety by reducing the risk of overheating or injury. It also conserves battery life and prolongs the lifespan of the product. Customers can enjoy a worry-free massage experience without having to constantly check the time or worry about accidentally leaving the massager on.

auto shut-off; remote control storage; handheld controller; removable pillow; airbag massage

9 Intensities to Meet Different Needs

9 Intensities: level 1-3 for the elderly; level 4-6 for most people; level 7-9 for muscle recovery

Lumbar traction with dynamic Airbag

ours full body massager has airbag inflates to lift the body and stretch the lumbar vertebrae, reliving spinal pressure. But others has only neck massage.

Full Body Massage at Home

the woman placed a full-body massage pad on the sofa, and she lay down on the massage pad to relax

Quiet & Strong Massge

auto shut-off; low noise massage; pure copper core

Bi-directional Neck Massage

30 massage beads; 2-way rotating; tuina & kneading

Intuitive Operation

full body massager controller

Product size

size and packing list of full body massager


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