Electric Shiatsu Head Neck Cervical Traction Body Massager


Introducing our Electric Shiatsu Head Neck Cervical Traction Body Massager, this versatile massager is designed to target various areas of your body, including the neck, back, shoulders, lumbar, waist, legs, and calves. With 20 massage balls and a combination of kneading, heating, and vibrating motions, it simulates the hands of a real massage therapist, effectively relieving muscle tension and promoting blood circulation. The hand control and airbag push-up support make it convenient to use in the car, office, or home. With a 15-minute auto shut-off feature and both AC and DC adapters included, it ensures a safe and customizable massage session. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the gift of relaxation and comfort with our Electric Shiatsu Head Neck Cervical Traction Body Massager. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.


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Electric Shiatsu Head Neck Cervical Traction Body Massager

Are you looking for a massage pillow? This massage pillow would be a best choice for you. It helps to promote the body blood circulation and relieve your whole body effectively. With 20 massage balls and its heating function, kneading and penetrating motions of a real massage therapist’s hands, helps with relax and relieve muscle tension in the car, office and home. You can massage your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, calf and so on. Hand control and airbag push up support, convenient for use.

Don’t hesitate to buy it now. Feature latest type cervical massage pillow with its far infrared heating function can enhance the blood circulation away from the cervical vertebra disease; take care of your health. Helps you to release pain in aching muscles and makes you feel comfortable again.

  1. With 20 massage balls
  2. Counter-clockwise and reverse rotations mode
  3. 15minutes auto shut-off
  4. With the AC and DC adapters plug
  5. Allows massage your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist, leg, cal and so on
  6. Perfect for car seats and indoor chairs usage

It is ideal choose for Birthday gift, Fathers Day gift, Mothers Day gift, Anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day, any Holiday gift and so on.

Independent hand control, easy operation

Quick operation, easily adjust intensity in various modes.

independent hand control easy operation

Neck/Shoulder/Back Synchronized Support Massage

Transfer body pressure onto the pillow, providing comprehensive relief from fatigue.

neck, shoulder, back synchronous support massage

Double relaxation

Moxibustion with mugwort + warm head massage

Slightly higher than body temperature, assisting in massaging the head to relieve fatigue and relax the body and mind.

warmwood hot compress and warm massage head

Hand-controlled operation

Massage freely without restrictions

Operating while lying or sitting is more convenient

lying and sitting operation is more convenient

Upgrade airbags

Massage height can be freely adjusted

The massage position can be adjusted in height according to the cervical curve of different individuals, deeply conforming to the natural curvature of the cervical spine.

upgrade airbag push up

Arc-shaped support

Strong lumbar support

Designed ergonomically, the ‘S’-shaped protrusion fits the sitting posture of the waist more comfortably.

Three-level partitioning

Appropriate support

Closely adhering to the back curve, segmentally relieving overall body pressure

3-stage partition - fit support-

20cm longer than regular massage pillows

Fits the contours of the body, seamlessly supports the body and sleeping surface, providing a more comfortable massage.

20cm longer than ordinary massage pillow

3 speed controls

3 modes

Professional techniques, multiple mode options, rejecting monotonous massages

Gentle mode

Mild and soothing, suitable for the elderly and children.

Comfort mode

Comfortable kneading, suitable for women.

Strong mode

Powerful decompression mode, suitable for men.

Imitating human hand massage.

The dual 10D massage technique combines pushing, pressing, squeezing, kneading, rolling, and rubbing together.

imitatae human massage

Comprehensive Private Massage

Used for multiple parts of the body

Massage wherever it feels uncomfortable, with moxibustion using mugwort.

all-round intimate massage, use on multiple parts of the body


High-end pu fabric
breathable honeycomb mesh cloth


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