Electric Heating Neck Brace


Introducing our Electric Heating Neck Brace, your ultimate solution for relieving neck pain and fatigue. This therapeutic massager is designed to provide effective and soothing heat therapy to the cervical vertebrae. Made with soft fabric and graphene heating elements, it emits far-infrared rays that promote blood circulation and alleviate stiffness and discomfort. The neck brace is conveniently powered by a USB connection, allowing you to use it at home, office, or while traveling. With three adjustable temperature options ranging from 40-65°C and three timing options of 30-45-60 minutes, you can customize your therapy session to suit your needs. The neck brace is made of breathable and comfortable OK cloth, and the adjustable velcro ensures a perfect fit. Give the gift of comfort and relief to yourself or someone you care about with our Electric Heating Neck Brace.


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mini heated neck wrap for pain relief
instruction of using the heating pad


  • Product Name: Electric Heating Neck Brace
  • Material: Soft Fabric + Graphene
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Physiotherapy: Infrared & Heated
  • Adjustable Temperatures: 40-65°C
  • Adjustable Time: 30-45-60min
  • Dimensions: 5.1’’×20.1’’ / 13cm×51cm
  • Product Weight: 110g
  • Package Includes: 1 * Electric Neck Heating Pad; 1 * USB Control Cable


  • Far Infrared Hyperthermia: The heating pad for neck and shoulders emits far-infrared rays through graphene heating.Wavelength intensity conforms to ergonomics and can promote blood circulation.Sticking to a hot compress can effectively relieve neck stiffness and pain
  • USB Powered: Mini USB heating pad can plug in a PC, power bank, USB adapter or car charger to use.You can enjoy hot compress therapy at home, office and travel at any time to relieve neck pain.Need to maintain the connection with USB
  • 3 Heating Options: Our small heated neck wrap uses graphene heating elements.5V low voltage, uniform heating.The neck heat pad has 3 adjustable temperatures of 40-65°C.Adjust according to personal comfort.Contains heating elements, don’t wash
  • 3 Timing Options: The timing of neck heate wrap is 30-45-60min.Automatically stop heating when the timer ends.Don’t use it while sleeping.Don’t use it for more than 1 hour each time to avoid low-temperature burns
  • Thoughtful Gift: The neck heater is made of OK cloth, breathable and comfortable.You can improve your comfort by adjusting the velcro.The travel heating pad is suitable for people with cervical problems,such as writers, students, teachers and long-term computer workers.
heating neck brace details and controller - set time and adjust temperature
can put ice bag wormwood bag
depth far infrared heat therapy
infrared comparison before and after use
heating pad and control details


  1. To use the heating pad, you need to maintain the connection with USB
  2. The temperature of the heating pad is in a certain range. Different measuring machines and measuring positions will have an error of 35℉-43℉. Everyone has different feelings about temperature, please adjust the temperature that suits you according to your situation
  3. Don’t use it while sleeping
  4. Prohibited for children under 12
  5. Each use time shall not exceed 1 hour to avoid low-temperature sald
  6. This is a hot compress product. It can’t be used on the broken hematoma
  7. Turn off the switch after use, disconnect the power supply, and store it after cooling. Don’t power on for a long time
  8. If any abnormality occurs during use, please disconnect the power supply and stop using it in time
  9. Don’t replace the power cord thermostat at will
  10. It’s strictly prohibited to bend and roll the product body and power line controller with hard objects to prevent the heating system from being injured and causing short circuits and burning


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