Belly Heating Pad


  • Targeted Relief: The heating pad is designed to provide targeted relief to the abdominal area. The heat helps to relax muscles, relieve cramps, and soothe soreness in the belly area.
  • Non-Invasive: Unlike medications, a heating pad is a non-invasive solution that does not have any side effects. It is a natural way to alleviate discomfort without the use of chemicals.
  • Portable: A belly heating pad is portable and can be used anywhere, whether you’re at home, work, or traveling. You can use it while watching TV, reading a book, or doing other activities.
  • Adjustable Temperature: It has adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to choose the level of heat that is most comfortable for you. This feature also makes it suitable for people with varying degrees of sensitivity to heat.


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Intelligent Uterine Warmer

Comfortable vibration, warm uterus and dispel coldness

Understands you intimately – the warmth you desire!

The girl sits on the sofa playing with her phone while using an belly heating pad to massage her abdomen

6 Key Core Advantages

6 features: hot compress, vibration, three gear, built-in battery, flannel and portable.

High-Frequency Vibration And Soothing Massage

Three vibration modes, massaging the abdomen to dredge the meridians, multi-directional care, and easily relieve discomfort in the waist

vibration curve for mode 1, 2, 3

Graphene heating – Warm without scalding

Built-in graphene rapidly converts electrical energy into heat energy, providing instant warmth and dispelling the chill in the stomach.

temperature curve

Before and after use, experience it for yourself

A warm palace brings good complexion, and the effect is visible.

Comparison Images Before and After wearing the belly heating pad

Three levels of hot compress temperature can be adjusted at will.

Adjust the temperature to the desired level for the abdomen, allowing the warmth to penetrate the skin and effectively care for the menstrual cycle, while also relaxing the abdomen through heat therapy.

daily warm uterus menstrual care relief of menstrual pain.

By short pressing ““, you can choose from three levels of temperature control. The corresponding LED indicator light will turn on. The cycle is as follows: 1-2-3-stop…

temperature scope: Daily warm palace can choose 40°; Menstrual care can choose 45°; Dysmenorrhea gospel can choose 50°

Multifunctional Use, Comprehensive Care

If you love her, let her feel your warmth and give her the care of love.

the belly heating bad can warm palace, warm stomach, warm belly, waist protection
The girl is using a belly heating pad to massage her waist.

Long battery life, always caring for you.

High-rate and high-power lithium-ion batteries provide stable energy consumption and high safety, offering long-lasting power for extended battery life.

30 minutes shutdown timer; 2 hours fast charging; 1200mAh lithium battery

Small, slim and lightweight, easy to carry.

With exquisite exterior design, it won’t hinder your normal work or activities and won’t burden you. It can take care of your stomach anytime and anywhere, and can be easily taken with you when traveling.

put the belly heating pad in a small bag

Product Details, showcasing craftsmanship

Skin-friendly velvet fabric

Skin-friendly velvet fabric; Good breathability

Durable and not prone to pilling

Mold-proof and antibacterial

Fashionable and aesthetic

butterfly buckle

Simplicity butterfly buckle

Exquisite and sturdy, easy to operate

Type-C charging port

Type-C charging port

Fast charging speed, safe and stable

LED indicator light

LED indicator light, Red and blue indicator lights

Simple indication, easy to operate

Product specifications

packing list of the intelligent warm palace belt set
Product Name Warm Palace Belt
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Package Size 206*118*56mm
Rated Volgate 3.7V
Input Current DC5V—1A
Product List 1. Host;

2. Manual;

3. Charging cable


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