3 in 1 Electric Wireless Infrared Ray Massage Comb


Introducing our 3 in 1 Electric Wireless Infrared Ray Massage Comb, the ultimate solution for hair care and scalp massage. This multifunctional massager is designed to address various needs with its three modes: vibration massage, vibration + red light, and vibration + blue light. The brushing bristles gently massage the scalp, promoting hair nourishment, improved blood circulation, and stress relief. With its easy one-button operation and comfortable handle design, this comb is user-friendly and effective. Long-term use can help reduce hair loss and alleviate symptoms of headaches and dizziness. Its compact size allows for easy portability, and the gentle bristles are suitable for all hair types. With light therapy technology to promote scalp blood circulation, this comb also aids in achieving a sleek and shiny hair texture. Embrace healthy hair and a relaxed scalp with our 3 in 1 Electric Wireless Infrared Ray Massage Comb.


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  • Usage Mode: Electric
  • Application: Head
  • Material: ABS
  • Function 1: Photon Therapy
  • Function 2: Red Light
  • Function 3: Blue Light
  • Red wave length: Red light 620-760NM
  • Blue wave length: Blue Light 400-480NM

3 in 1 Laser Electric Wireless Infrared Ray Comb Massager


  1. This massage comb is equipped with three modes: vibration massage mode, vibration + red light mode, and vibration + blue light mode, which meet different needs. The brushing bristles of this hairbrush are used to massage the scalp and head, nourish the hair, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress.
  2. You are greeted with an easy-to-use one-button operation. The comfortable handle design makes massage comb easy to hold. The 28 soft massage heads are durable and massage the head effectively, helping to improve blood circulation and alleviate stress.
  3. Long-term use can reduce hair loss and relieve symptoms of headaches, dizziness, and other related conditions.
  4. This massage comb is small in size and easy to carry with you. It can be used anytime and anywhere. The gentle bristles are suitable for all types of hair: fine, medium, and thick.
  5. The light therapy technology promotes blood circulation in the scalp while brushing, making you more comfortable. It is also helpful in reducing waviness in the hair, enabling you to achieve a sleek and shiny texture.


  • Material: ABS
  • Power supply: USB
  • Gear: 3 gears
  • Using frequency: 2-4 times per day
  • Using time: 3-4 hours
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Item size: 18×4.2cm
  • Color: white

Package Content:

  • 1 x massage hair brush
  • 1 x USB cable
phototherapy massage comb-
the comb for solving hair loss, high pressure, headache-
How to use?


1. Massage the neck and the back


2. Comb and massage from the head to the ear


3. Comb and massage from the head to the neck


instruction ways for using the comb
phototherapy and vibration
the comparison before and after use the comb

Red light: 620-760NM Promote blood circulation and collagen growth.

red light penetrates the scalp and goes all the way to the roots of the hair to wake up the follicles

Blue light: 400-480NM Relieve skin

Blue light: 400-480NM Relieve skin
comparison of ordinary comb and phototherapy massage comb
comb details-
phototherapy massage comb size
side views of comb-
packing list of the comb-


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